Cate (babydykecate) wrote,

Confessions of a multi-shipper (oh God that's a lot of ships)

"How about an Armada? Would you like an Armada?"

{2 Broke Girls} Max/Caroline

{30 Rock} Liz/Gretchen

{Agent Carter} Peggy/Angie Peggie/Dottie

{Ally McBeal} Ally/Ling

{An Education} Jenny/Miss Stubbs

{Angel} Fred/Willow Fred/Wesley Fred/Cordelia Angel/Cordelia Wesley/Lilah Faith/Lilah Faith/Wesley Lilah/Cordelia

{Anne of Green Gables} Anne/Diana

{Baby Mama} Angie/Kate

{Bad Girls} Helen/Nikki

{Band of Gold} Tracy/Colette

{Batwoman} Kate/Renee Kate/Maggie Kate/Wonderwoman Kate/Selina Kyle

{Better Off Ted} Linda/Veronica

{Big Love} Margene/Barb Margene/Ana Sarah/Heather

{The Big Bad Swim} Amy/Jordan

{Bomb Girls} Kate/Betty Betty/Gladys

{Bones} Angela/Brennan Cam/Brennan

{Boys on the Side} Jane/Robin

{Bring It On} Torrance/Missy

{Buffy the Vampire Slayer} Buffy/Faith Willow/Tara Willow/Buffy Tara/Buffy

{Call The Midwife} Jenny/Trixie

{Castle} Beckett/Castle

{Chase} Annie/Daisy Annie!Amanda/Olivia (x/over with SVU)

{Chicago Fire} Shay/Dawson Shay/Renée

{Chloe} Chloe/Catherine

{Chocolat} Vianne/Josephine

{Community} Annie/Britta

{Conviction} Alex/Christina

{Criminal Minds} JJ/Emily Reid/Morgan Emily/Ashley Elle/JJ Elle/Emily JJ/Alex

{Crossing Jordan} Jordan/Lu

{CSI} Sara/Catherine

{CSI:NY} Lindsay/Stella

{Dark Angel} Max/Original Cindy

{Deadwood} Joanie/Flora

{Devil Wears Prada} Miranda/Andy Andy/Emily

{Dollhouse} Sierra/Echo Claire/Echo Claire/Adelle Echo/Adelle Claire/Topher Bennett/Caroline Adelle/Topher Kilo/Mag

{Downton Abbey} Sybil/Gwen

{An Education} Jenny/Miss Stubbs

{Ellen} Ellen/Laurie Ellen/Paige

{ER} Abby/Kerry Abby/Neela Kerry/Kim Abby/Wendall Kerry/Wendall

{The Fall} Stella/Reed Stella/Dani

{Firefly/Serenity} River/Kaylee Kaylee/Inara River/Inara

{The Fosters} Lena/Stef

{Fried Green Tomatoes} Idgie/Ruth

{Game of Thrones} Daenerys/Doreah Sansa/Shae Sansa/Daenerys Sansa/Margaery Sansa/Cersei

{Gia} Gia/Linda

{The Good Wife} Alicia/Kalinda Alicia/Maddie Kalinda/Sophia Kalinda/Lana

{Grey's Anatomy} Meredith/Addison Callie/Arizona Meredith/Cristina Callie/Erica Cristina/Teddy

{Heroes} Claire/Elle

{Hidden Figures} Katherine/Mary

{Higher Ground} Daisy/Shelby Juliette/Shelby

{House MD} Thirteen/Cameron Amber/Thirteen Cameron/Cuddy Thirteen/Cuddy Amber/Cuddy House/Cameron House/Cuddy House/Wilson

{How to Get Away with Murder} Annalise/Eve Annalise/Bonnie Laurel/Michaela

{Huff} Beth/Izzy Beth/Natalie Beth/Alyssa

{Imagine Me & You} Rachel/Luce

{Inconceivable} Nora/Rachel

{Jennifer's Body} Jennifer/Needy

{Jessica Jones} Jessica/Trish Jessica/Claire

{Law & Order} Abbie/Toni Ricci

{Law & Order: SVU} Olivia/Casey Olivia/Alex Olivia/Amanda Olivia/Abbie Alex/Abbie Olivia/Rebecca Hendrix Olivia/Paula Foster

{Lip Service} Cat/Sam Sam/Lexy Tess/happiness

{Lost Girl} Bo/Lauren Bo/Kenzi

{The L Word} Alice/Dana Shane/Molly Bette/Jodi Bette/Tina Shane/Jenny Alice/Helena

{Last Tango in Halifax} Caroline/Kate

{Maleficent} Maleficent/Aurora

{Marvel Cinematic Universe} Natasha Romanov/Maria Hill

{Mean Girls} Ms. Norbury/Cady

{The Mentalist} Lisbon/van Pelt

{Mercy} Veronica/Chloe Veronica/Sonia Veronica/Dr. Denise Cabe

{Mistresses (UK)} Alex/Jessica

{Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day} Miss Pettigrew/Delysia

{NCIS} Kate/Abby Kate/Ziva Abby/Ziva Abby/Jenny

{Nina's Heavenly Delights} Nina/Lisa

{The OC} Marissa/Alex

{Once Upon a Time} Emma/Regina Snow/Red Mulan/Aurora Ruby/Belle

{Orange is the New Black} Piper/Alex Alex/Nichols

{Orphan Black} Cosima/Delphine Sarah/Cosima Beth/Alison

{Person of Interest} Root/Shaw

{Pitch Perfect} Beca/Chloe

{Private Practice} Addison/Charlotte Addison/Violet Charlotte/Violet

{Queer as Folk} Melanie/Lindsay

{Rizzoli & Isles} Jane/Maura Frost/Frankie

{Rookie Blue} Gail/Holly Gail/Andy Andy/Traci

{The Runaways (Movie)} Joan Jett/Cherie Currie

{Saving Grace} Grace/Rhetta

{Skins} Emily/Naomi

{St. Trinian's} Miss Dickinson/Kelly Kelly/Annabelle

{Stargate: Atlantis} Carter/Keller Keller/McKay

{Sunshine Cleaning} Norah/Lynn

{Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles} Sarah/Cameron

{True Blood} Nora/Salome Pam/Tara

{The Unbearable Lightness of Being} Tereza/Sabina

{V (2009)} Erica/Anna

{Veronica Mars} Veronica/Mac Veronica/Lily

{Wire in the Blood} Alex/Nikki (/Bad Girls) Tony/Alex

{Women's Murder Club} Lindsay/Cindy Lindsay/Jill Jill/Cindy Jill/Denise

{X Company} Aurora/Sabine

{X Files} Mulder/Scully Scully/Reyes

{Yentl} Yentl/Hadass

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